• ART



    Each bead is an element in the pattern. The result is an overall design in which each individual bead unfolds its effect only in interaction with others.

    I specialize in weaving glass beads because the centuries-old art of weaving is threatened with extinction, threatened to be forgotten and at the same time fascinates me.

    My goal is to keep the knowledge of this alive, to pass it on, and to reinterpret it through my designs. This creates jewelry with sculptural surfaces that combine tradition and modernity, strangeness and familiarity in a unique way.

    For me, weaving is not only a craft, but also a way of life. Therefore, I am constantly learning and have begun to experiment with other materials and combine them with glass beads, resulting in unique new connections.

    Each creation is a tribute to sensual life in shimmering glass and bright colors: simple or intense, quiet or loud, soft or rough, warm or cool.

    "The most beautiful feeling for me is when my vision unfolds into a tactile image that I can feel."


    With love 

    Alina Naomi