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  • ART


    Every single bead is an element in the pattern. The overall design, not the individual pearl, creates the effect.

    I have specialized in weaving glass beads, which is a traditional craft that I aim to  interpret in my creations in various ways.

    The variety of colours that I work with is of primary importance to me. Each colour creates a different emotion inside of me. I perceive black as dominant, while white is light and open-minded. In my work, I feel every single colour before combining it with another one. It is about an interplay between colours and the body, mind and soul of a person.

    Each piece of jewellery is unique as it is individually designed and precisely handcrafted. Each unique item is marked with the Alina Naomi signet, which is an organic circle that symbolizes infinity, energy and femininity.

    My main goal is to create long-lasting, exclusive and cherished pieces that will enhance and express each personality.

    I hope that my products and the associated art of weaving will be perceived, staged, worn in everyday life and loved, truly effortlessly.

    „The most beautiful feeling for me is, when my vision unfolds into a haptic image I can feel.“ 

    My mission is to create timeless, hand-made, modern and sensual design pieces using the most responsible production methods.

    In order to be able to work sustainably, I take responsibility for every manufacturing process and for our environment. That is why I work exclusively with pure recycled precious metals such as gold and silver, as well as with the raw material glass.

    Each creation pays homage to a sensual life in color, whether simple or intense, quiet or loud, soft or rough, warm or cool.


    With Love

    Alina Naomi